With the emergence of the Internet and social media sites, many jilted lovers have taken to cheater websites to air out their frustrations with an ex. Divorce, infidelity, and cheating are charged topics – but letting it go in a public forum can lead to court dates, being sued for defamation of character, and having harsh judgments levied against you.

Many “cheater websites” allow for a former spouse or significant other to report an unfaithful partner to warn others, air out their frustrations, or to deter others from dating. They can, however, be platforms for abuse, with the legality of the site being questioned. The lawfulness of cheater websites can be complex and a nuance.

The Legality of Cheater Websites

According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, “More than 80% of members noticed an increase in the number of cases using social media sites.” This has created problems where defamation laws come into play.

Defamation is typically defined as published statements that are false and have the potential to injure a person’s reputation. Online posting of a cheating spouse can satisfy this requirement.

Unfortunately, there may be instances where they won’t be prosecuted for defamation– if they are exposing statements of fact on a public forum, then they did not commit any crime. Claimed opinions are privileged under the law, so a defamation claim cannot be enacted. However, if an opinion is viewed as a statement of fact by a reasonable person, the courts can interpret it as fact and legal action can be taken. Modified photos and imagery to scandalize a person to defame the character can be faced with a case.

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