The Internet has provided an opportunity to learn about ourselves and others that we engage across various platforms and social media sites. But not all those platforms/sites are positive, and one of the most disturbing trends that the growth of the Internet has introduced is the rise of ‘burn’ sites or local gossips. One of these negative sites is called Global REP Repair shares a bit about the site and how to get off with their help.

What Is is one of the most notable sites that allows users to post images anonymously as well as comment on private individuals without any kind of verification. In essence, anyone can post anything they feel like on this site, and it’s done without reproach and anonymously.

Over time, has become the official domain for jealous colleagues at work, jilted lovers, and a person who is looking for retribution. In just one month, gets about twenty million page views. This shows that has a large number of followers that are hooked to this site.

How to Get off

Has someone shared something negative about you on It is almost impossible for an ordinary Internet user to have his/her post deleted from directly. However real the case/post for removal might be, may still refuse to delete it. That is why you need the help of an established reputation repair company.

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