The importance of online reputation in today’s business environment cannot be overemphasized. Whether your business is online or offline, nothing stops people from talking about it on the Internet. The things people post online about your business or services play an important role in shaping the opinion of potential customers looking for information about your business or products. However, sometimes negative online reviews can reach your target consumer group. Negative online reviews can affect customer confidence for a number of reasons:

  1. Customers Can Find Negative Online Reviews

The Internet is now the most available source of information. Thus, when people want to know what your business is all about, they will most likely look online. Actually, “90% of customers go through Internet reviews before deciding to visit your business.”

Another study indicates that “65% of people trust what the Internet says about people and businesses.” If your business has significant negative online reviews, it may not inspire customer confidence, and this can pose an existential threat to your company.

  1. Negative Online Reviews Influences Purchase Decision

People use reviews to decide whether they will buy from your business or not. Research shows that “online reviews influence 65% of the purchasing decisions.” If someone writes a negative review about your business or service, it can potentially have an impact on the number of potential customers.

  1. Customers Are Unwilling to Deal with Bad Customer Experience

Even if you offer your products at a relatively lower price, a post by a customer indicating that they had a bad experience with your services can repel a potential customer from trying your products.

In fact, a potential customer who comes across a negative online review will most likely remove your business from their list of potential sellers to buy from.

Don’t Let Those Negative Online Reviews Affect Your Business

Your potential customers are most likely looking for information about your business and products online. “Over 74 percent of customers trust businesses with positive reviews,” having negative online reviews will likely hurt your business.

If your business has negative online reviews, sometimes current customers lose confidence in your business and will buy from your competitors with better reviews.

Is Your Business Suffering from Having Negative Online Reviews?

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