Your online reputation is important. Nothing is as frustrating as finding your name or business name displayed in a negative light on the internet. Every negative review or comment launched at your image or brand leaves a digital scar that significantly affects how people view you or your business.

Do You Have any Negative Reviews on Complaints Board and Bad Biz Report?

Complaint sites claim to do an important service for consumers by allowing them to file complaints/negative comments anonymously in the guise of protecting other consumers from what they deem as bad experiences. Accusations in negative reviews on Complaints Board and Bad Biz Report sites can bring a lot of damage even if what is alleged is not true as a lot of customers won’t know for sure and will look elsewhere just to protect themselves.

Restore Your Good Name

Statistics show that 84% of users find online reviews as useful as personal recommendations. A bad online reputation will, therefore result in lost business or wreak havoc in your personal life. It is important to take action immediately when you spot negative information about yourself or company as the longer you delay, the more links and connections these negative pages will build to other websites. Whether real or fictitious, you need to take control of how your brand is perceived online with a professional online reputation repair company.


Get Rid of Those Negative Reviews on Complaints Board and Bad Biz Report with Global REP Repair

If you have an online reputation problem, you may want to consider getting professional help to protect your image. Global REP Repair is a leading online reputation repair company committed to a fast and efficient removal of online defamation and false posts. Our team will perform a comprehensive analysis of search engine results within Google, Yahoo, & Bing to ensure all harmful content is identified and accounted for. They will determine the quickest and most effective strategy for removing or burying the negative reviews on Complaints Board, Bad Biz Report, and other complaint sites to ensure your online image is restored. We will also promote and circulate positive information in an attempt to push down negative reviews and highlight positive comments about you or your business.

Let us help you clean up negative reviews and defamatory content posted about you on online reviews and complaint sites. Contact Global REP Repairs today to learn more about our online reputation management services.