You’ve probably heard that the internet is forever. You are very careful about what you post to social media, the pictures you allow yourself to be tagged in, and have even locked your social media settings to private. But even if you are super cautious, there are some websites, such Cheaterland, that allow anyone to post a photo and negative comments against people that they believe are liars or cheats. Your online reputation could be harmed right now.

Check Your Online Reputation

By checking on Google, you could find out that a rejected date or bitter co-worker has posted your picture, mean comments, and a list of misdeeds. Everyone has made mistakes in their past and no one deserves to have their reputation damaged, especially online where everyone can see it. If you have been a victim of internet website gossip it is important to contact a professional to help you remove the post and correct your online reputation.

Cheaterland: A Top Website to Damage Your Online Reputation

After looking at, the site not only allows anyone to post your photo but for people to say whatever they want about you. Don’t tackle this kind of personal reputation damage alone – hire the professionals. Global Rep Repair understands that emotions can run high when you find a site like this. We are ready to handle the removal of the post(s) via mediation or legal arbitration so you can get back to living your life.

Choose Global Rep Repair to Fix Your Online Reputation

Global Rep Repair tracks down negative or hurtful mentions of you on the internet using a variety of search engines and websites, like Cheaterland. We work with you to verify which information you wish to be removed. We will contact those websites on your behalf to have those posts deleted so that there is no mention or trace of you on the site. We help restore your online reputation, so that when a future employer or date Googles you, there’s no mention of negative comments and unflattering posts. Don’t trust your online reputation to anyone but the best – contact Global Rep Repair today.

Clean up your online reputation now! Global REP Repair is an industry leading team of negative search result removal experts. Contact us and let us repair your online reputation. Global REP Repair removes negative reviews and promotes your positive reputation.