If you do business on the Internet or if you have a significant online presence for a talent, skill, service, or product, it is imperative that you manage how millions of people on the World Wide Web perceive you. A few defamatory blog posts, social media posts, and comments can ruin a reputation that has taken you years to build. Online reputation repair is important and you should know some ways to monitor what people are saying about you or your business.

Below is a rundown of some important tools you can use to ensure that your online reputation is where you want it to be. Please note that these tools are for monitoring, once you determine a threat, Contact Global Rep Repair immediately so we can eliminate all negative information and clean up your online reputation.

Tools for Online Reputation Repair


1. KnowEm

This online management tool has been around for about eight years now. It allows you to check for the availability of your name, brand, or product on over 330 social media sites. KnowEm online reputation management tool will go a long way in helping you have an instant overview of your online accounts and know the ones you haven’t considered yet. It can also help you to see if there are other people who have signed up under you brand or product name.

2. Image Raider

This online reputation repair tool focuses on tracking the abuse of your images on the internet. This is an easy-to-use tool that only requires you to upload the picture in question on the Image Raider. The Image Raider then looks for all the uses of your image across major search engines such as Google and Bing to recover the image use.

3. Reviews Tracker

Reviews Tracker is a great online reputation repair tool designed to help you in keeping track of your customer’s reviews across over eighty sources and sites. This tool will collect all your reviews in one dashboard and send reports to your email to keep you up-to-date.

Tools for Online Reputation Repair and Global Rep Repair

In conclusion, although there is little you can do to stop people on the internet from making negative posts and comments about your or your business and products, there are ways you can manage your Internet reputation. The above-discussed tools will keep you in the know with regards to what people are writing on the internet about you.

You may need the assistance of an online reputation management company to pull down the defamatory posts and keep your online reputation glittering. To fix your negative posts and hurtful comments about you or your business, choose Global Rep Repair to clean up your online reputation.

Choose Global Rep Repair to clean up your online reputation!

If you’re in a position where there is incorrect, defamatory, or other information online that’s hurtful to your personal reputation – or your businesses reputation – contact Global Rep Repair today.