No matter how much you try to build and protect your online image, it can still be attacked. When negative posts and comments have damaged your online reputation, you should take immediate action to repair it. For business owners it is important to remove the negative posts because existing and potential customers are influenced by online reviews. There are a few ways that can help you move past these negative online posts/reviews while still remaining in a positive light. There are a few things you can do to restore your damaged online reputation:

  • Be Honest

If someone wants to do business with you or wants to hire you, they are likely going to turn to the internet to seek information about you. If there is something negative online, it is better to let them hear it from you as opposed to reading it from other people and sources.

So a way to get around this is being open and honest. Have full discloser about the negative things that have been said about you and explain what you are doing to fix them.

  • Apologize

Everyone makes mistakes. You are not an exemption. However, your online reputation could be affected by how you respond to such mistake(s). Do not cover up your mistake(s). Instead you should try to come out and accept the mistake(s). You should also submit an apology to your potential employer or customers. This can go a long way because it shows people that you are a responsible person. Apologizing is an important step towards fixing a damaged online reputation.

  • Remove the Negative Posts

After you take responsibility and apologize, you cannot afford to leave the negative comments and reviews online. This is when the online reputation removal professionals at Global REP Repair can help you. They have the technical know-how to remove any postings with incriminating information from the internet completely. You can count on Global REP Repair to fix your damaged online reputation and help you create and maintain a positive image on the internet.

It is hard to control what people write online about you or your business. You are responsible for how negative postings might affect your business and/or personal life. Don’t let negative posts ruin your life. If you have made any mistakes, take responsibility and apologize. Bring down these negative postings and restore your reputation with Global REP Repair.

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How to Repair a Damaged Online Reputation by Dorie Clark