“A news article about myself that was dramatically affecting my business and needed to be removed. I contacted the team at Global Rep Repair. They assisted me with the removal. Time frame was 30 90 days for removal and the removal was completed within 28 days. Thank you
for your professionalism.”

“I contacted Jill at Global Rep Repair upon discovering devastating personal defamatory contents on a site. My initial contact with Jill through to the end result was beyond what I could imagine. Jill was able to have the contents removed in less than 48 hours. Before contacting Jill at Global Rep, I had contacted other companies. It took days for other companies to return my call and several of them said it could take up to 30 days for the content to be removed. Jill understood the urgency of my situation, reassured me that she would do everything possible and gave it her utmost personal attention. Jill’s services far exceeded anything I could imagine and saved me and my family from further destruction. I highly recommend Jill at Global Rep Repair.”


“I highly recommend Global Rep Repair.  It was brought to my attention that a negative posting existed online that could negatively impact me personally and professionally.   Global Rep Repair went to work on my issue immediately.   The negative post was removed within days of initiating the contract.  The customer service was awesome and Jill was very understanding and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend Global Rep Repair to anyone that is considering removing negative postings”


“It is rare that you pay for a service and the vendor outperforms and within a few days gets the job done. That is what you get with Global Rep Repair. I could not give more praise to Jill and her team. The reputation management industry is filled with unsavory characters. Jill is the honest needle in the haystack. And with a 100% money back guarantee – what do you have to lose? You are in good hands with her.”

Scott C.

“A defamatory post online was brought to my attention. After speaking with Global Rep Repair, I felt completely comfortable with the process. I signed a contract and they went to work. The post was brought down in a few short days. The process was easy and their team is very professional. I would recommend Global Rep Repair to anyone in a similar situation.”

“I can’t stress enough how remarkable the customer service was with Global rep repair. From the first exchange to the last, the Jill and her team were prompt in their responses and walked me through the process every step of the way. This is a sensitive subject for people and the kindness and attentiveness to assist was first class. They immediately worked on my issues and was removed within a couple days. They provided updates and catered to my every request and need. I would highly recommend Global Rep Repair to anyone in this situation.”

“After speaking with Jill at Global Rep Repair, I felt completely comfortable with their process regarding the removal of a negative post about myself.I signed a contract and their team went to work. The post was brought down in a few short days. Global Rep Repair’s team made the process easy and professional. I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.”


“An anonymous post on the internet turned my life upside down. I didn’t know where to get help but I needed it fast! After a lot of research I found Jill and her team. My first conversation with her put me at ease- to the extent I could be comforted from such a terrible, faceless and false attack. Jill quickly went to work removing the defamatory attack, and was successful in taking it down from the internet. No one should have to deal with this type of experience, but if you do, I HIGHLY recommend Jill and her team.”


“Jill, you have been most consistent through this ordeal – patient, compassionate and extremely efficient! I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart. At least now I don’t have to be concerned if my sons decide to google their parents.”


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